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Drink Inks Fun Glassware Decals  

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Drink Inks® Fun Glassware Decals
Your Drink…Name It…Claim It!

Drink Inks® is a product like no other.  When using our fun glassware decals there is no guessing whose drink is whose.  Use our glassware decals to identify your beverage and add some fun to your party. Drink Inks® are terrific ice breakers and conversation starters. Drink Inks® are perfect for all occasions big or small.   You can choose from our many exciting Drink Inks® themes, or be creative and write your own! 

Use Drink Inks®  decals on all shapes and types of glassware including crystal, acrylic and plastic.  Our product does not leave any residue and removes from your glassware with ease. 

Store your Drink Inks® directly on the back of the packaging for future use. There are 12 Drink Inks® in each package.

Drink Inks® labels are reusable,versatile, functional and fun!  Drink Inks® are the perfect drink label for your party or event.

Drink Inks
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